Bluehost Hosting Review & Coupon 2023 (Detailed & Unbiased)

Are you looking for the honest Bluehost Hosting Review 2022?

Bluehost is hands down a reliable web host trusted by over 2 million users across the globe.

Moreover, it is one of the few web hosts that is officially recommended by itself on their website.

A web hosting company name is Bluehost developed by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in the city of United States, Provo. Bluehost is one such hosting company that offers top-notch hosting a blog WordPress. It has been retained for over two decades now. The company of Bluehost was developed in the year 1996 when there was little and no concept of the internet in the world. With its evolution, it is to be known as one of the biggest hosting service providers in the global. The offering plans of Bluehost are excellent for medium to large businesses even that 1# ranked for small businesses.

This company of Bluehost provides support by their experts 24/7 if the user needs help in any case then the user can discuss with experts of Bluehost by phone, live chats, etc. Using of Bluehost has an officially recommended by WordPress since 2006. Almost 2 million websites are using the hosting services of Bluehost all over the world. It offers exciting plans for hosting and authentic domain of the website, and blog (WordPress) with different facilities at affordable prices. With Bluehost, you need not worry about your website being slow working even when there is a lot of traffic on your website.

Pros and Cons Of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Pros & Cons Of BlueHost Hosting

  • It is fast around the world. Fast web loading service is an important role in the success of online businesses.
  • Have a fantastic way of securing the website. Security does not mean features; it means saving the website from spam and hawkers.
  • It provides an exciting plan of hosting at affordable prices with extra features.
  • Provides all sorts of benefits with hosting in unlimited quantity like SSD storage, bandwidth, subdomains, etc.
  • It provides a quick response of support by live chat, phone, or email in case of emergency 24/7.
  • Instead of another hosting plan provider, it provides more guarantees almost 99% for UPTIME.
  • It provides the cheapest plan with limitations in sites, databases, and the creation of email accounts.
  • Bluehost has one data center (US-based), but in other regions, it loads up slowly for the target audience. In the USA it loads up fastly for locating the audience.

BlueHost Features

Unlimited Websites:

It provides the facility for the creation of unlimited websites with the pro plan of Bluehost hosting. Through this plan, you can be able to create unlimited websites. In this plan, Bluehost is offered to install unlimited WordPress on your account and mysterious customization. Through this, you can assist unlimited websites from one place.

Unlimited SSD Storage:

Bluehost offers abundant high storage SSD storage in basic plans but provides unlimited and unmetered SSD Storage for other plans medium to pro. So, it’s an excellent choice for hosting because it provides excellent unmetered SSD Storage plans instead of other web hosting platforms because it offers private virtual servers for fast performance.

Custom Themes:

It provides an outstanding, unique design of premium custom themes for your WordPress accounts. These themes help to stand out your brand, and website by engaging more audiences due to their unique look. This custom theme provides the facility of different layouts and features that may be helped in the ranking of the website.

24/7 Customer Support:

This hosting plan provides 24/7 Customer Support for solving any query. It gives a quick response when you need any help from an expert member. You can take help at any time for 24 hours by email, live chat, and phone. This company solves your issues in 5 to 10 minutes of your response.

Optimized CPU Resources:

It offers optimized CPU resources like CPU core to handle tasks that are the demand of the account which include running the scrip of PHP connecting to the database and sending emails. Everything you need is accessed easily due to a user-friendly interface like navigational link, database, file manager, etc.

Free Domain – 1 year:

Bluehost also offers the feature of a free domain for one year with a hosting plan. For new accounts of Bluehost in every plan for a one-year domain and domain, transfers are provided freely. This is one of the fantastic features that is given to users free of cost of their own choice for one year.

Free CDN Included:

Bluehost provides free CDN services that not help in speeding up the websites but also help in securing the website. Bluehost is amalgamated with Cloudflare for the services of the content delivery network (CDN). It offers CDN services free of charge to every Bluehost customer and gives free access to Cloudflare.

Free SSL Certificate:

Bluehost gives free access to SSL Certificates for all existing domains that are set up in your account. Mostly this SSL certificate installs automatically for all assigned and parked domains in your account. But sometimes you need to install this free SSL certificate manually. This certificate of SSL verifies the server identity.

Free Office 365 – 30 days:

The platform of Bluehost also provides an opportunity to give free access to Microsoft 365 Mailbox for the time period of one month or 30 days. Bluehost provides office 365 for 30 days of free access when you are purchased the hosting plan plus.

Free Domain Privacy:

When registering domains through Bluehost it provides the services of free domain privacy and protection. During domain registration all personal data is available in the WHOIS database publicly, then free domain privacy and protection hide all contact information and use generic data instead of it. So, hackers and scammers don’t see your information due to privacy.

Free Automated Backup:

Bluehost offers automated backup and restore help to protect all the files, email forwarding, and filters from losses. Bluehost is created backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for customers. It provides free automated backup to restore the files and data of customers. It retrieves data and periodic backup through provided cPanel.

Free Dedicated IP:

Bluehost provides a free dedicated IP address that protects your website from problems caused by other websites on a shared server. We easily activate this dedicated IP address through the upgrade tab. Many web applications also need dedicated IP addresses to protect them from the problem and issues that occurred due to the shared server system.

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Bluehost Performance:


In Bluehost performance, speed is an important and crucial component because if the speed of loading of a website is slow users will move on any another website without waiting a second more because today the patience of users has been reduced. The speed of a website has also affected the ranking of the site according to google so it is significant to improve the speed of the website. Speed of website and performance is decreased due to the load and traffic on the website. Bluehost offers a better range of hosting from shared hosting to dedicated, cloud, and virtual hosting improving the speed of the website at affordable prices.

When the customer begins the speed will ok and regularly track the traffic volume if the customers will use shared hosting. As the load and traffic will increase and customers will notice the sluggishness of the website then it will necessary to upgrade the hosting plan from the shared hosting plan for better performance and speed. This enhances site performance since much of the material on a page is already prepared and available, and does not need to be retrieved and processed before being displayed to a user. It also decreases the load on your server’s various system resources. We recommend that you adopt Bluehost’s caching plugins, which are designed to operate best in that context.



Uptime is considered the critical aspect of performance when customers choose a website host. Uptime is measured in percentage. If any website has 100% uptime then we considered it this site does not have any downtime but it is not possible. Because No website in the online world has 100% uptime. In this case when due to heavy traffic website is down and users cannot access the website then good and consistent uptime is first priority.

If we talk about the uptime of Bluehost that is 99.98% which means any website that has Bluehost hosting has one hour 45 minutes of downtime per year. In hosting uptime is the most significant part because it indicates the quality potential of hosting companies like Bluehost. Website is useless if people cannot access it So, we select the hosting of this company who offers more uptime rate.

24/7 Support

It is a very important feature that is offered by Bluehost. During different tasks, we often need support and help. Bluehost is the most popular company among people all over the globe, it provides a chance to its clients with 24/7 support from its experts. If we need any help and issue then we ask the experts of Bluehost via live chat, phone, or email at any time. They give a response instantly and resolve your issue after 15 to 20 minutes. Bluehost provides a library and extensive knowledge for the support of their clients.

It offers tutorial videos on different parts and beginners can get step-by-step guidelines easily through this support. When we choose a hosting provider then we should choose those hosting company that offers assistance and guidelines when you require it. The ticket-based support system is removed by Bluehost. It recently chose to phase out ticket-based support in favor of a more personalized live chat and phone-based strategy. Some customers, however, may miss the ticket-based help system, which is especially useful if your problem cannot be fixed in a single live chat or phone call.

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BlueHost Prices Overview


At Basic, you will have to do the payment of $2.95 Per Month after which, it becomes $7.99 Per Month.

Bluehost Basic Plan Features

1 Website50 GB SSD StorageCustom Themes24/7 Customer SupportFree Domain – 1 yearFree CDN Included SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateVIEW FULL PLAN


For pricing, this plan starts at $5.45 Per Month. After the renewal, it goes up to $10.99 Per Month which is still affordable.

Unlimited WebsitesUnlimited SSD StorageCustom Themes24/7 Customer SupportFree CDN IncludedFree SSL CertificateFree Office 365 – 30 daysVIEW FULL PLAN


For pricing, it is $5.45 Per Month which rises up to $14.99 Per Month after renewal.

Unlimited WebsitesUnlimited SSD StorageCustom Themes24/7 Customer SupportFree CDN IncludedFree SSL CertificateFree Office 365 – 30 daysFree Domain PrivacyFree Automated Backup – 1 yearVIEW FULL PLANBlueHost Hosting Review

BluesHost Plans

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting has Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, Pro offer plans. These plans have reasonable prices. Through the Basic plan, customers can get one website, 50 GB storage, and unmetered bandwidth. In this package, customers can take one domain, five parked domains, and 25 subdomains. In Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro plans customers can get unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited domains, and sub-domains.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the newest type of hosting that is unlike VP hosting, dedicated, and shared hosting. In this hosting customers can get resources storage, and bandwidth from all servers not fixed on one location (one server). This hosting is excellent for growing websites and brands because it offers limitless resources. You don’t need to worry about crashing your website when the website is loaded and has a lot of traffic. This is the best option for website users that have heavy traffic.

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WordPress Hosting

This type of hosting allows the customers to focus on the creation of a website with unique and efficient content. WordPress hosting controls the daily basis maintenance of the servers and apps that are helped to run the websites smoothly. It provides a fully managed environment with features and everything that you need to run a professional WordPress website.

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS Bluehost hosting is the best hosting that is in between the dedicated and shared hosting. In this hosting customers share the servers with one another but there is a virtual type wall that is in between their projects. In this type of hosting users don’t share the operating system with others so this hosting offers better performance and security on your websites and is more excellent than another hosting.

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Dedicated Server Hosting

This type of hosting offers privacy, high security, resource distribution, and control. This type of hosting is best for those customers that have high traffic and loaded websites. These dedicated servers are completely remote from one another because customers are configured anywhere where they want without affecting the other customers or affected by others. It is considered a house where no roommates bother you.

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WooCommerce Hosting

This hosting is especially used for business and commerce means to sell online services and products. WooCommerce hosting is a WordPress plugin that develops your store on business online whether the products are physical or online. WooCommerce hosting monitors your shipping, takes payments, and applies taxes accordingly. This type of hosting is used for eCommerce online store websites that are developed on WordPress.

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Final Verdict

In the end, If Digital Talked converse about the conclusion and final words of the Bluehost review then we conclude that overall Bluehost is an excellent and reliable choice for WordPress users and workers because it offers flexible features from start-up to successfully setting up a website and I think the most user will enjoy the fantastic experience of Bluehost due to excellent packages from basic to pro packages of hosting. It offers automatically installed WordPress, free domains, SSL certificates, the creation of different websites with different domains by using one account in one place, WordPress themes, and also a control panel for managing different activities of the website.

If we are newbies then Bluehost hosting is only for you, use this account in buying hosting after reviewing Bluehost features and packages and enjoy working. In short, if we see the Bluehost review then we know it gives a proper guarantee of privacy and security and provides 24/7 support which is the best step because this step removes the curiosity of customers. It has better and more efficient performance and makes the working reliable and speedy. Bluehost is considered the top hosting company for WordPress due to its fantastic and amazing offers hosting. Its review shows that it has packages for newbies to advanced professionals.

FAQ’s Of BlueHost Hosting

1. Is Bluehost Good?

Yes, Bluehost is good and fantastic because it is reliable and all things that are required for one website development are easily available on this platform at an affordable price plan. Bluehost is a world-famous hosting website trusted by 2 million people all over the globe. Mostly branded and all businesses are trusted on this platform because it provided all things of websites from start-up to success. Bluehost offers more benefits like speed, security, domain privacy, etc. with hosting. Bluehost is a very popular company that has very efficient security measures. Due to security measures, almost 2 million people have believed them because data security issue is more concerned able near people and Bluehost gives a guarantee of prevention of information and data from hackers.

2. Is Bluehost Easy to Use?

Bluehost is easy to use because on this official website from which we buy hosting for websites and brands different guidelines for choosing plans according to web requirements are available. It is incredible to use because when we sign up then they automatically install the word press. It provides an environment of user-friendly because it has easy to use control panel that allows the customers and users to manage the hosting accounting. Through its friendly environment, we easily manage all activities of the website.

3. Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Beginners?

The basic plan of Bluehost is best for beginners and newbies. As a beginner worker on WordPress if you are looking for a reliable and cheap hosting plan for a WordPress account then the basic plan is only for you. It provides limited benefits but almost all things that are required for one website with a one-year free domain and a free SSL certificate. Through this basic plan, you set up and run one website smoothly because in this plan all necessary things for one website are given by Bluehost. This plan is suitable for those bloggers who want to buy the cheapest hosting services and those who are WordPress starters.

4. Is the Bluehost Domain Free?

Yes, Bluehost provides a free domain. The domain is the name of your brand or website and the online address of your website. Bluehost offers unlimited free domains like domains, parked domains, and sub-domains even though you can manage more than one website in one place. If we discuss different plans of hosting of Bluehost, basic, plus, choice and pro plans provide free domain for a one year with hosting. At Bluehost, we can create unlimited websites for one year free of charge because in hosting plans Bluehost provides domains and transfer of domains for a one-year free of cost.

5. Is WordPress Free with Bluehost?

Yes, WordPress is free with Bluehost. Bluehost is the most popular hosting provider company on which 2 million people are trusted. When we sign up for Bluehost hosting it installs the WordPress automatically. Bluehost is an excellent choice for beginners who are wanted to buy hosting for their websites because everything that is needed to work on WordPress is available on Bluehost from free domain to automated installation of WordPress. In every plan and package of Bluehost hosting WordPress is installed automatically.