Advertising Disclosure may include several forms of advertising so that we can provide you with great content at no charge.

They may include:

  • Site Sponsorships (Banner Ads) – Referrals are usually banner ads but can also include the placement of the referrer logo in our website footer, in our email footer, in our feature solution projector, in our business directory and in addition to the social media header graphics include services and any other advertising placement that mentions or represents our sponsors or their logo.
  • Affiliate links – Certain text links and banner ads may be part of an affiliate program. When a website user clicks on these links or banners, we may receive monetary or other value for the prospect.
  • Guest Posts (Industy Insiders) – Posts written by individuals affiliated with third-party companies engaged in e-commerce or related fields are not considered paid posts. We regard these posts as valuable information or opinions for our readers and invite selected industry insiders to share their knowledge with our audience. These contributions may contain links to the author’s company.
  • Guest Posts (Paid Posts) – On rare occasions, we may agree to a professional or freelance blogger providing e-commerce information or opinions, which may include affiliate links or links to brands or of the services they pay for to be included in the item received. . In this case, the post will include a “paid post” disclaimer below. has received financial compensation or advertising value in exchange for posting this content.